Take The Pledge!

Our goal is to grow grassroots support for CWD action in all 72 Wisconsin counties. All of Wisconsin is at risk from CWD and we need a statewide effort to stop this disease. Take the pledge now!

CWD Action Platform

The CWD ACTION INITIATIVE is a grass roots effort by individuals and organizations to protect the health of Wisconsin’s wild deer and elk populations.  We seek increased attention and action by Wisconsin’s elected officials to implement effective CWD management programs that will stop and reverse the growth in disease prevalence and spread.

CWD positive deer by township.

Current management programs are insufficient to curb spread and increasing infection rates.

  • A record 1057 CWD-positive deer were detected during the 2018 surveillance, a 76% increase from last year.
  • 56 counties are considered CWD-affected. In SW Sauk County, SE Richland County and Northern Iowa County, over 50% of the adult bucks and 30% of the adult does tested were CWD-positive.
  • 10 CWD-infected deer farms tare being allowed to continue operations and creating a risk to adjacent wild populations.
  • Only 20-25% of harvested deer are getting tested in Wisconsin’s most heavily infected counties.
Coming to a woods near you within 20 years? Dane County, Wisconsin 2019.
Video Credits – Andy Lynch
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