CWD Management Bill

We request Wisconsin’s legislators and Governor Evers enact legislation to:

  1. Ban deer baiting and feeding statewide. It’s clear that all Wisconsin counties are at risk of CWD infection.  Bait sites and feeding stations facilitate the transmission of CWD from sick to healthy deer.  Detection of new infections often occur years after the disease first appears.  State leaders should prohibit the baiting & feeding of deer statewide.
  • Harvest flexibility. Legislative constraints on deer seasons are hampering efforts by County Deer Advisory Councils to achieve desired deer population goals in farmland regions of Wisconsin.  CWD prevalence rates are increasing in all counties with the disease.  Overabundant deer herds stymie efforts to slow the increase in prevalence and spread of CWD.  Section 29.016, Wis. Statutes should be repealed or modified to allow use of Earn-a-buck or October either-sex seasons when recommended by County Deer Advisory Councils. 
  • Moratorium on new deer farms.  Current DATCP and USDA regulations governing deer farm and shooting preserve operations have been insufficient to prevent new CWD deer farm detections.  Most of Wisconsin’s new deer farm detections are in areas of Wisconsin where CWD has not been found in the wild deer herd.  State leaders should enact a 10-year moratorium on the establishment of new deer farms and shooting preserves.
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