“My deer hunting started in 1965. My first deer was taken in Dane County, first buck in Iowa County and I now hunt in Sauk and Richland Counties. All are now heavily CWD infected. I enjoyed the carefree, good old days during 1970s-2000s, but now am deeply concerned with CWD’s impact on deer hunting in Wisconsin. This fall, my son TJ and his buddy Craig, enjoyed a tent camp bow hunt in early November on our land in Sauk County. Both were thrilled to take identical, healthy-looking 2.5-year old bucks. We deboned and refrigerated the meat until test results came back. One was positive and one wasn’t. One becomes part of family meals, the other gets landfilled. Such is life in CWD country.

Wisconsin has a choice. We don’t have to be satisfied with “watching and monitoring”. We can treat this disease. We can’t eradicate CWD without new tools. However, we can reverse increasing prevalence curves and slow the outward spread of the disease. CWD treatment will take a long-term commitment, requiring a larger up-front investment until we can reduce the number of positive animals on the landscape.  

Our deer herd is worth fighting for. I support the CWD Action Initiative.”

Tom Hauge

“The Buffalo County Conservation Alliance (BCCA) supports legislative, community, and hunter/landowner actions in effort to slow spread of CWD and lower disease prevalence rates. The BCCA supports improved deer farm bio-security, an established program providing convenient and safe disposal for deer carcasses, improved testing and monitoring of CWD prevalence, and a statewide ban on deer baiting and feeding. The BCCA also supports a pilot test of the CWD “Payment4Positives” plan.”

The Buffalo County Conservation Alliance (BCCA)

“We the elected board of the Reedsburg Outdoor Club are in favor of stopping the spread of CWD. It is written as one of the purposes of our organization that we are”to work with the State of Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources in all respects in the promotion and preservation of natural resources of the State of Wisconsin”. CWD is a threat to our whitetail deer herd and we recognize that action is necessary in order to preserve them as a natural resource.”

Reedsburg Outdoor Club

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